PAC-CODE saves the day
- making switching networks EASY!

Introducing Simple Switch with PAC-CODE! Our PAC code superhero who’ll whizz you through the process of keeping the same number whilst switching networks. No more villainous retentions departments calls that’ll make you wanna SMASH!

Need rescuing?

What’s a superhero without a trusty sidekick? All our sales advisors are fully trained by our hero PAC-CODE, and can help you through the process quickly and effectively, rescuing your wallet and saving you £££’s!

How do you switch?

It’s never been easier to switch networks and SAVE!

PAC-CODE – saving the world (£££’s)... one PAC code at a time!

Pop into store to find out more on how PAC-CODE can help you switch networks easily, and how our staff (PAC-CODE’s sidekicks), can help rescue your wallet by saving you £££’s.