Broadband: Switch to Save

If your home broadband contract is up, chances are you're now paying more than you need to. Which isn't ideal, is it? Switch to one of our broadband deals to get something tailored to you, while potentially saving on your bills. Plus, there could be some extra mobile data in it for you. Oooosh.

It's smart to switch

Instead of sticking with the same provider because it's easy, why not switch and potentially save? We'll even do all the work for you.

Broadband Tailored to You

Compare broadband, call and TV deals to find what's perfect for you.

Extra Data on Your Mobile

Get up to an extra 20GB data on your EE mobile phone with EE broadband.

Simple to switch and save

We'll organise the switch for you, and potentially reduce your monthly bill.

Our Providers

EE Broadband

Sky TV & Broadband

Come in-store to get started

If you fancy saving on your broadband bill, pop in to your local Go Mobile and we'll see what we can do for you.